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Insurance King invites Ed Bassmaster to a NASCAR race

Insurance King invited Ed Bassmaster to the NASCAR race in Indianapolis on Sept 7th, 2019. The Insurance King marketing department has been a fan of Ed’s characters since 2012. After seeing the “Look at this car” video on YouTube we wanted to do a project with Ed Bassmaster. In 2017 we reached out to Ed about a project and just couldn’t figure out the best way to do something. These cars are some of the best, if you want to get yourself something similar then check out these zero down payment car loans for your best options. In the summer of 2019 Insurance King began sponsoring Josh Bilicki in numerous NASCAR races. While we we’re in Pennsylvania for the Pocono race we stopped in Philly to reconnect with Ed and invited him to a race. If you do not know who Ed Bassmaster is here is a link to his Wikipedia. ed bassmaster The character that showed up to the NASCAR race was Chip Diamond. It was really difficult for Chip to blend in his sweater was easily recognized and people walked up to him for selfies every couple of minutes. As the day went on Chip kept saying “PSH NASCAR”. He was not impressed with the cars or the people involved. Before the race started NASCAR security informed us that Chip Diamond and Ed Bassmaster was no longer welcomed at the track and needed to leave. We believe this happened because of how he walked out of the driver meeting. It is unclear if he is banned for life at this point, but it is clear that he PSH’d off NASCAR. Chip Diamond told us he “doesn’t give a rats ass!” Ed Bassmaster never got to see the race, because it was about 2 hours after he was told to leave. Insurance King wants the public to know that our Driver Josh Bilicki did not know that Chip Diamond was going to walk out of the driver meeting. Infact, we didn’t know either. In talking to Ed about Chip he always said you have to talk to Chip. Talking to Chip Diamond is impossible he really doesn’t care about anything and does his own thing.

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Insurance King intends on doing more projects with Ed Bassmaster and his characters in the future be sure to like our Page on Facebook for updates. To get a quote from Insurance King on car insurance, SR-22 insurance, or motorcycle insurance click here

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