Willie Tyler and Lester film ads with Insurance King

Insurance King will be releasing the Don’t be a Dummy Drive Insured campaign featuring Willie Tyler and Lester. Willie Tyler and Lester are known for their Iconic Ventriloquist act they have been performing for decades. In this campaign Lester over hears a person state they are driving uninsured and is compelled to say something. The ad shows an unsuspecting person being ridiculed by Lester for being a Dummy. Because, he was driving uninsured and breaking the law.

“Willie Tyler was amazing to work with. He really brings Lester to life. In fact, the microphone grip kept moving the boom mic over Lester during the filming.” Dan Block marketing representative of Insurance King.

Insurance King has worked with the following celebrities; Michael Winslow, Dustin Diamond, UFC veteran Spencer Fisher, Social media influencer Ed Bassmaster, and now Willie Tyler and Lester.

Once the footage has been edited Insurance King will host on the Insurance King Facebook page and on the YouTube channel.

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