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Insurance King zombie ad released for Halloween

Insurance King zombie ad released for Halloween

Insurance King just released an ad featuring Dustin Diamond and a Zombie played by Ty Yaeger Jr. In the ad Dustin Diamond asks to speak to an agent about his car insurance. The receptionist asks him to have a seat in the lobby until an agent is available. In walks a Zombie (Ty Yaeger Jr.). The zombie grunts to the receptionist and the receptionist unexpectedly responds in grunts. The grunts are translated by text on screen. Dustin Diamond is shown reading the Fake News newspaper under a Saved by the King logo watching the interaction with the Zombie. The Zombie ad was filmed at the Insurance King office in Peoria, IL. The ad will be on TV stations throughout the markets Insurance King is licensed to sell insurance for. For those that have not seen the ad. An extended version of the Zombie ad can be seen on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

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