Insurance King hires Michael Winslow for Spaceballs spoof ads

Insurance King hires Michael Winslow for Spaceballs spoof ads. In the summer of 2018 Insurance King purchased a screen worn Police Academy Movie uniform shirt of officer Larvell Jones (Motor mouth) played by Michael Winslow. We presented the shirt to Michael at a comic con in Madison WI where he confirmed the shirt was used in Police Academy 3. After presenting the shirt to Michael said, “you know what would be neat? If you could get Spaceballs helmet and uniform to take to comic cons. People would love it!”

Within a few weeks Insurance King found a person to make a replica helmet and began writing scripts. The filming was done at the Insurance King on 11th St. in Rockford, IL. The project came together very fast and the ads turned out great. There are two 30 second versions for tv and one extended version available on the Insurance King YouTube channel and Facebook page.

There are numerous nods to the movie Spaceballs see if you can count them all.

Picture above: Michael Winslow wearing the Spaceball's helmet provided by Insurance King for future comicon events.

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